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New Themed and Curated

Rent all the newest arrivals and latest themed and curated props, updated every Tuesday.

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All New Themed and Curated Props

Rent new boomboxes, skateboards, wooden crates, taxidermy pheasants, indigenous art, and more themed and curated props.

New Music and Instrument Props

Rent new guitars, speakers, microphones, horns, and more music props.

New Sports, Outdoors, and Recreation Props

Rent new helmets, golf clubs, surfboards, skis, picnic baskets, bicycles, trophies, binoculars, and more sports, outdoors, and recreation props.

New Industrial, Farm, and Rustic Props

Rent new distressed apple boxes, tool sets, oil cans, water pails, and more industrial, farm, and rustic props.

New Taxidermy Prop Rentals

Rent new pheasants, raccoons, hides, antlers, and more taxidermy props.

New Subject Prop Rentals

Rent new indigenous art, hospital gurneys, flight helmets, circus rings, paintable stools, and more subject props.

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