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New Table Top

Rent all the newest arrivals and latest table top props, updated every Tuesday.

Rent Table Top props by category

All New Table Top Prop Rentals

Rent new vases, trays, cameras, typewriters, and more table top props.

New Table Top Accessory Prop Rentals

Rent new shapes, vases, sculptures, desk items, book ends, and more table top accessory props.

New Kitchen, Dining, and Tableware Prop Rentals

Rent new trays, bowls, faux food, barware, candelabras, and more kitchen, dining, and tableware props.

New Telephone Prop Rentals

Rent new rotary, touch dial, novelty, and cell phone props.

New Electronic and Mechanical Prop Rentals

Rent new televisions, gadgets, audio electronics, typewriters, and more electronic and mechanical prop rentals.

New Camera Prop Rentals

Rent new vintage film, instant, movie, and video camera props.

Rent more new props by category

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