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FAQs and How to Rent Props at ACME

Starting a request with the Shopping Cart

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The best way to rent props from ACME

Use your Shopping Cart to start a prop rental request. Access your Cart at any time, from the top right of our website.

With your Cart, put together prop options, a rental order, or mood board. Get a quote, check availability, place props on hold, and make updates over time. You can even work on multiple projects at once.

No payment or confirmation is required to use or submit your Cart to ACME. Your Cart is not an order confirmation form.

There is no cost to place props on hold, and payment is not needed until you are happy with your quote, and ready to confirm your rental.

JavaScript is required to use the Cart feature.

Info, Location, and Hours

  • Hours: ACME is open Monday thru Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM, for pick-ups and drop-offs. Our office hours are the same.
  • Location: We’re located at 350 Meserole Street, Building D, Bushwick, New York 11206
  • Terms and Rate: Rental terms and rates are for (7) days. There are no price changes for short term or (1) day rentals.
  • Browsing Props: The best way to see props is on our website – everything is online, photographed, and measured, with rates and quantities.
  • Availability and Holds: Use the Shopping Cart to submit a request, and check what props are available for your chosen dates. Available props will be placed on hold for you – no payment is needed, and there is no obligation or deposit required.
  • Confirmation: To confirm an order, rental terms and payment information must be provided or on file. You will not be charged or billed before an order is confirmed. Orders will not be prepared until you notify ACME with a written or verbal confirmation.
  • Pick-ups and Deliveries: Clients can arrange their own pick-up and drop-off for rental orders. For delivery info, please review further on this page.

FAQs and Additional Details

Additional details covering Rental Info, Policies, and Guidelines follows below.

Hours and Location

See props, what’s available, and ordering

Pick-ups, returns, and delivery

Wrapping and packing props and the rental agreement

What are ACME’s Hours?

Regular hours are 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, for calls, emails, pick-ups, and drop-offs.

Where is ACME located, and how can I get there?

We are located at 350 Meserole Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Our cross streets are Morgan Avenue and Bogart Street. It’s a black brick building and has a private, ground floor loading dock with direct access to our warehouse.

The nearest subway line is the L Train, and within walking distance of both the Montrose Ave station and Morgan Ave station.

How can I look at the props that ACME carries?

You can browse our entire inventory in our online catalog, which offers pictures, prices, dimensions, and quantities for each item. Additional pictures or information is provided for many of our props.

You can also visit our prop house in person during regular business hours. Keep in mind that we are not set up like a showroom, with much of our inventory tucked away in storage. If you would like to see a specific item or set of items, please provide us a list of items in advance and we can have them pulled before you arrive.

How can I check if props are available for my rental dates?

Check availability of props for your dates and get a quote by using our Shopping Cart. When your list is complete, you can send it to our team to check availability and coordinate other details. You can manage your Cart like you would any other Shopping Cart or Wish List on other ecommerce catalog websites — check out how here.

Can I reserve or hold props before confirming? How can I place an order?

Props may be placed on Hold or Confirmed/Ordered by phone or e-mail. There is no obligation or deposit required to place props on hold. ACME will notify you should another party be interested in a prop you’ve placed on hold.

While we highly recommend making a list using the Shopping Cart feature for the best and fastest service, you can also contact us directly to reserve or order. Please provide the Prop Item Number (AB001) and Name (Wood Bench). Responses may be delayed for requests sent as photos or screenshots.

How long can I rent props for an order? Do you offer discounts for short or 1 day rentals?

Prices listed reflect one rental term, before tax. When you rent from us, you have up to 7 days after pickup to return the item. We don’t offer discounts for shorter or one-day rentals. Rentals extending beyond one week will be billed for additional rental terms.

How do I pickup and return props?

Clients can arrange their own pickups and returns to our prop house during normal business hours. Entrance is through our loading dock, and vehicles may use the space to load and unload orders. When picking up and dropping off, let us know the Order Number (i.e, P9801). Please be sure to share this information if using a 3rd party for pickups and/or returns to avoid any delays in servicing your order.

When can I pickup and return props?

Pickups and returns can be made during our normal business hours, Monday thru Friday, 9am to 4pm. You can choose to start or end your rental within any weekly timeframe, however, we encourage all our clients to arrange for rentals to arrive at their destination the day before they’re needed, and to be returned the day after concluding their use. This ensures props are ready in the morning and day of your production and that afterwards, they can be returned on-time during regular business hours.

Does ACME offer delivery service for prop rentals?

ACME can arrange delivery and pickup of prop rentals for an additional fee. Deliveries are arranged with 3rd party couriers from 9am to 4pm, Monday thru Friday. The earliest props can leave ACME for a delivery is 9am. The latest props can leave ACME or be picked up from another location is 4pm. For additional information and a quote, please e-mail with a delivery/pickup address and time.

How are props packed and shipped?

All rentals are plastic wrapped, blanket wrapped, or boxed with bubble wrap before pickup. When ordering ahead of time, props will be ready to go when you, a colleague, or courier arrive for pickup. 

We make an effort to maintain props in excellent condition and to accurately depict them in our online catalog. Props in our catalog are photographed in a studio with professional lighting. We strive to accurately depict our items and color match to daylight conditions, but appearance may vary under different lighting or display settings. If you have questions about the condition or appearance of an item, please ask.

If you believe you have received a prop in poor or unusable condition, please contact us immediately, ideally with photos, so we can determine the cause as well as a fix, or offer you substitute item. Additional fees may be assessed for props returning damaged, broken, or otherwise in worse condition than they were released.

Do I need to re-wrap props before returning them to ACME?

Please re-use the packing materials when possible for returning your rentals — missing packing blankets will result in a replacement fee. 

Additional fees may be assessed for props returning damaged, broken, or otherwise in worse condition than they were released.

You also have the option of purchasing rolls of ACME’s signature 5″ wide black film wrap and adding to your order. Use it wrap up our props (or anything else) at the end of your shoot. It’s an economical alternative to packing tape, and clings to itself without adhesives or residue. It’s $15 per 1,000 foot roll.


ACME’s complete rental agreement can be reviewed in our Prop Rental Terms. ACME’s Prop Rental terms must be completed and signed prior to renting with ACME. The form can also be completed via electronic signature service or otherwise returned as a scanned document via e-mail.

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