ACME Brooklyn


It was a studio like no other

2010 – 2017

For 8 years, since 2010, our studio has welcomed artists, celebrities, politicians, builders, programmers, dancers, musicians, strippers, and honest-to-god-clowns. We hosted photo shoots, music videos, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, dinner parties, sex parties, taxidermy workshops, fundraisers, art shows, readings, and lectures.

We built indoor heated pools, a giant snow cave, and a field of lavender made of real lavender plants. We single-handedly started “the llama thing.” We danced, we toiled, we gave Brooklyn’s most discerning parents the most badass holiday photo on their fridge. We painted that cyc a few hundred thousand trillion times. The neighborhood changed, and the zip code did too. And somewhere along the line, our clubhouse became a real business.

In the summer of 2017, ACME Studio (“ACME 1”) begat ACME Props (“ACME 2”), our prop house in Bushwick. And as that prop business expanded in energetic leaps and bounds, with an opportunity to double our footprint, the time came for us to exit the studio rental business.

We have closed our original home base in Williamsburg, and have brought the ACME family back together under one roof on Meserole Street.

Shawn Patrick’s original motivation behind ACME was to be a catalyst to help creative people be creative, and have some fun, and we’ve tried to keep that in mind as we’ve steered this ship through waters that have been wet, wild, and wooly … as well as glittery, musical, and hysterical.

We wholeheartedly know that the spirit that has carried ACME through its many evolutions on N. 3rd will carry us onto the next one, too.