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Wedding Furniture and Decor Rentals

Finding a partner seemed like the hard part, until you had to tackle that invite list. Next you wandered all sorts of spaces to try fit them all, and tested and tasted your way to the perfect menu to feed your loved ones. Champagne, check. Music, duh.

But don’t underestimate what an arrangement of chic sofas, chairs, and a vintage rug can do to host some friendly conversation among guests. And how some unique furnishings, decor, and even art can help start that conversation.

We believe a few well-chosen pieces can add some texture and warmth to your wedding venue, and reflect your personality in the way that your home does. Our pieces can help your invites feel like guests.

Browse our entire collection of furniture and decorative items in our online catalog. Sofas, chairs, and tables paired together on a rug can create an awesome conversation area, and a room screen, floor lamp, and some one-of-a-kind decorative pieces can add some flair to an otherwise blank venue.

Not sure where to start, or having trouble visualizing how items you like may look together? Contact us to help you find the right mix for your style and budget.

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