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PD073-S Walden Chestnut Wood Pedestal Set of 4

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$450 each
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About this prop

A set of 4 ascending height pedestals, simply rendered in stained chestnut with a slight sheen finish.

Please note, while sturdy, please use care when placing or moving these pedestals as the crisp veneer edges can be fragile.

Set contains:
(1) PD073 Walden Chestnut Wood 34″ Pedestal
(1) PD074 Walden Chestnut Wood 27″ Pedestal
(1) PD077 Walden Chestnut Wood 18″ Pedestal
(1) PD076 Walden Chestnut Wood 12″ Pedestal

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Prop SKU
Walden Chestnut Wood Pedestal Set of 4
Rental Rate
$450 each
Quantity Owned




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