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MU073-S Rhymes Speaker Wall Set

Rental Price: $1150

This arrangement of vintage speakers includes the following speaker sets:
(2) MU070-s
(2) MU030-s
(2) MU141-s
(2) MU072-s
(2) MU071-s
(2) MU119-s
(2) MU199-s
(2) MU140-s
(4) MU031-s

When assembled as pictured, the set measures approximately 94″H x 100.5″W x 14″D, but they can be assembled however you wish. Please note that this is an arrangement of stacked speakers, they do not latch on to each other and this is not technically a structurally solid wall.

Speakers are for prop use only, they are not functioning speakers. Please note, like a rock star, these vintage speakers do have scrapes, scuffs, and distress from a life on the road. 

Quantity Owned:  1
Dimensions:  94″H × 100.5″W × 14″D