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CO126-S Sable Sectional

Rental Price
Quantity Owned
31″H × 148″W × 40″D

About this prop

Textured twill upholstery on boomerang legs, this stunner will be a hit across many decorating styles. This two-piece section has a gestural curve, and can be arranged to fit in a space on an angle or head-on against a wall. The two-piece design will allow Sable to fit into your truck, and ease carrying it into spaces. Seat height: 17″

Each half individually is 31″H x 83”W x 40″D; please note that there are metal attachment pieces that connect the two halves for stability, if desired.

(1) CO126 Sable Right Side Chaise
(1) CO127 Sable Left Side Chaise


Prop SKU
Sable Sectional
Rental Rate
$700 each
Quantity Owned
Overall Dimensions
31″H × 148″W × 40″D

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